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Killer Asks
TJ Lane: Who is your favourite actor/actress?
Brenda Ann Spencer: How long have you been interested in crime?
Jeffrey Dahmer: What's your favourite food?
Aileen Wuornos: What colour are your eyes?
Eric Harris: What's your favourite band?
Dylan Klebold: How old are you?
Ted Bundy: What's your biggest turn on?
Richard Ramirez: What's your biggest turn off?
Kip Kinkel: Who was the first killer you began researching?
Paul Bernardo: Do you believe in ghosts?
Ian Brady: What's your favourite animal?
Ed Gein: What colour is your hair?
Alyssa Bustamante: What's your favourite colour?
Rod Ferrell: Do you have any piercings?
Timothy McVeigh: What's your favourite time of year?